Foam vs Coir Mattress | Which One Would Be Suitable?

Foam vs Coir Mattress

It is pretty challenging to find an excellent high-quality mattress amongst the many available options. But, what’s even more difficult is to decide between the two most popular mattresses ‘ names. We are talking about none other than – coir and foam mattress.

Coir mattresses and foam mattresses are quite popular amongst the users when it comes to being a suitable mattress. Thus, the selection between them becomes a little difficult. Moreover, they come with so many amazing benefits which can certainly be an attraction for the buyers.

Certainly, the choice can be tough. If you, too, are going through the same dilemma, how about getting a quick comparative review of both the mattresses? We have assembled all potential information to compare both mattresses on all the possible aspects to help you make a convenient and conscious decision.


Foam VS Coir | let us compare the two:

Before beginning with the comparison, let us begin by understanding the basics of the mattresses.

Coir Mattress:

Coir Mattress

What is a coir mattress?

A coir mattress is a natural mattress made with coconut fibers or coir. The main material is the fibers; however, sleeping just on the coir would be a little uncomfortable. Thus, to enhance comfort and support, a secondary material is added to the mattress.

Usually, foam or latex is used as the top and middle layer of the mattress. Both the materials ensure the desired softness in the mattress for perfectly maintaining firm and soft balance. Thanks to this, the mattress is extremely helpful in supporting the body during sleep.

As the coir mattress is designed with natural material, it can maintain natural ventilation. With its natural ventilation ability, the mattress can easily absorb all the moisture and sweat and thus can provide a cool sleeping surface.

The mattress also makes one recommended choice for people suffering from back pain. The coir mattress is so designed that it can conveniently secure the natural spinal alignment. As a result, it brings effective benefits for back pain issues.

The major drawback related to the mattress is its limited durability as compared to the foam mattress. Coir mattress tends to sag quite quickly after its continuous use. Also, the comfort level depends upon the quality of the coconut fibers used in making the mattress.

Lastly, you should never compromise with the maintenance of the mattress. Make sure to clean all the available stains from the mattress along with regular flipping. If you are not regular with its maintenance, the mattress can cause some health consequences.


Who should use a coir mattress?

Coir mattress is immensely popular, thanks to its wide range of benefits for various users. The mattress makes a suitable for the following type of users:

  1. Since the mattress is designed to absorb moisture and sweat, the mattress becomes one of the preferred choices for hot sleepers. If you sweat a lot during your sleep, choosing a coir mattress will not be disappointing at all.
  2. Coir mattress firm support is ideal for users who are suffering from back issues and pain. The mattress is extremely popular to maintain its users’ natural spinal alignment, helping them get the best support they need. The mattress also offers the best comfort desired by the users.
  3. It is a known fact that the coir mattress is made using natural coconut fibers. As a result, the mattress is free from all possible allergic particles available with synthetic materials. This further limit the possibility to cause any allergic reactions to the users, making it a suitable choice for people suffering from dust allergies.
  4. Despite being suitable for most users, the mattress is not a recommended choice for side sleepers. Since the mattress cannot retain its original shape quickly, it can cause extra pressure on the user’s hips and shoulders and is not a recommended choice.

Advantages of the mattress:

  • Coir mattress is an eco-friendly mattress designed with natural material
  • It is inexpensive as compared to foam mattress
  • The mattress is free from all the harmful and toxic chemicals
  • It ensures to maintain natural and comforting sleeping posture
  • Coir mattress have good ventilation and air circulation; thus, offering a cool sleeping surface
  • It provides excellent motion isolation

Disadvantages of the mattress:

  • Coir mattress is a little firmer in comparison to foam mattress
  • Not recommended for side sleepers
  • Its hygiene can be a bit concern as it retains the body’s sweat and moisture.
  • The mattress sags faster, offering limited durability


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

What is a Foam Mattress?

As you would have guessed from its name, a foam mattress is a mattress made using either polyurethane foam or memory foam. Known for its extreme comfort and softness, the mattress is one of the popular choices in India.

The mattress’s main advantage is that it can reduce the stress and pressure on the joint muscles, which enhances comfort during sleep. The mattress has all the qualities to be your sleep companion as it conveniently supports all the core body muscles. Thanks to its pressure-relieving properties, the mattress is suitable for side sleepers.

Another important quality of the mattress is its ability to retain its shape. A foam mattress not only adjusts itself according to the sleeper’s body movements but it also quickly gets back to its original shape. It allows the users to sleep in any of their favourite sleeping postures without worrying about any discomfort.

A foam mattress also impresses its users with its long-lasting durability. Despite its regular use, the mattress can last long, nearly 7 to 8 years, without degrading the quality or comfort. Moreover, the foam mattress is anti-allergic as it doesn’t attract dust, dirt, or any other harmful particles. Also, it can be cleaned and maintained without any hassles.

The major drawback of the foam mattress is that it can retain the body’s heat and become quite hot during use. It is, therefore, not suggested to use the mattress in hot and humid areas, making it an ideal choice for the winter season, on the other hand.


Who Should Use a Foam Mattress?

The memory foam mattress is another mattress that has made its distinctive place globally. With its amazing design, various benefits, and thorough detailing, the mattress can be used by the following people:

  1. As a foam mattress can easily and quickly regain its original shape, the mattress makes an ideal choice for side sleepers. The mattress can effectively balance the stress and excessive load on the hips and shoulder area.
  2. The mattress is a great choice for back and stomach sleepers. The mattress is known to give such sleepers all the support and comfort that they are looking for. If you have been struggling with back pain, then a bed with a foam mattress will be appreciated.
  3. It is quite challenging to find a suitable mattress for heavy-weight people. But thankfully, we have foam mattresses. These mattresses tend to sag less for people with heavy-weight. It ensures giving the required support to the sleepers with utmost comfort.
  4. The mattress is not recommended for people who are hot sleepers. As the mattress can retain the body’s heat, it becomes hot during sleep. Therefore, sleeping on the foam mattress can get pretty uncomfortable for the hot sleepers.

Moreover, it is recommended not to use a foam mattress in extremely hot and humid areas. Try the mattress, especially if you are in cold and wintery areas.


Advantages of the mattress:

  • The mattress is suitable for use for back and side sleepers
  • It offers excellent and soothing support to the sleeper’s back
  • Foam mattress last longer than the coir mattress
  • The mattress is lightweight and can easily be flipped
  • The mattress is ideal for use in the winter season as it can retain heat and thus becomes hot.
  • Supports motion isolation

Disadvantages of the mattress:

  • Areas with extra pressure can sag faster
  • It is not a recommended buy during the summer season
  • The form mattress requires good timely maintenance
  • As the mattress is soft, the sleepers can get a sinking feeling at times


Difference Between Coir and Foam Mattress:

Here are some essential comparative parameters to understand the difference between coir and foam mattress:


The first thing that should be prioritized when understanding the difference between these two popular mattress types is durability. You are buying the best mattress that can stay in its best form for the maximum time. Thus, comparing the reliability is one important factor.

  • Coir mattress comes with limited reliability as compared to a foam mattress. When taken full care of, a coir mattress can last for 3 to 5-years. However, with proper care, the mattress can last for up to 11 years without any hassles.
  • On the other hand, if we talk about the foam mattress, it lasts longer than the coir mattress. A foam mattress is expected to last for about 8 to 10 years with proper and detailed care.

For your mattress to last long in the best shape and originality, you must take good care of them in every possible way. Clean and wash them thoroughly along with regular flipping to enjoy all its benefits without any compromises.


Material used:

The mattress that you sleep will have a direct influence on your health. Therefore, it is important to be sure about the material used in your chosen mattress.

  • Coir mattress is made using natural coconut fibers which restricts causing any major damage to its users. Thanks to the use of natural material, the mattress attracts lesser dust and allergic particles. As a result, there is limited degradation in its quality and shape during use.
  • Foam mattress, on the other hand, is made using synthetic material. To make the mattress beneficial for its users, high-quality foam is well-processed to ensure getting the best support and comfort from the mattress.


Your body needs:

Every user is different, and so are his/her body needs, likings, and preferences. While you are choosing a mattress, it is important to thoroughly understand your needs. As and when you are sure about your body’s demands, you will never make a mistake selecting the right mattress.

  • Coir mattress comes with a firmer outer base with proper design to offer comfort and support to the sleepers. You should choose a coir mattress if your body needs firm support rather than a soft one.
  • The foam mattress is known for its soft outer base offered to the users. It is generally preferred by the sleepers whose body is not that comfortable with firm support. The softness of the mattress ensures the users get the desired body support.


Suitable users:

Just like your body’s needs and preference, your sleeping postures is also an important factor that requires attention when choosing in between a coir and foam mattress.

  • With natural material in its design, a coir mattress is capable enough to absorb sweat and moisture. Thus, if you are a hot sleeper, choosing a coir mattress will not disappoint you. Also, the mattress can offer complete support to people suffering from back pain and allergic problems.

Coir mattress should be avoided if you are a side sleeper as it can cause hip and shoulder pain.

  • Thanks to the foam mattress’s ability to quickly retain its original shape, it is suitable for all sleeping postures. Moreover, the mattress makes a wonderful choice for heavy-weight users as it can offer good balance and support they need.

Foam mattresses should not be chosen in hot and humid areas as the mattress can retain the body’s temperature and thus become hot during sleep.


Price of the mattresses:

Cost is another important factor that should be on your list when making a wise choice between coir and foam mattress. You shouldn’t buy a mattress if it does not fall in your range of fixed decided budget. Moreover, having a clear idea about the mattress’s price will help you be sure if the mattress is worth buying or not.

  • Talking about the coir mattress, the mattress is quite inexpensive and is easily available with all the leading brand names. As the mattress is invented in India, you would hardly find any difficulty getting it in its best quality.
  • The foam mattress is nowhere less than the coir mattress in terms of price affordability. However, a foam mattress, especially with memory foam, is slightly expensive than a coir mattress. But you still can find a good quality foam mattress from a reputed brand without digging a hole in your pocket.



Though not many people pay attention to the offered warranty by their mattress, and this is where they lack. The warranty should be one prime concern under consideration when making a suitable choice between the two available options.

It is generally expected that the offered warranty with the mattress will be the same as the mattress’s lifetime; however, it is not always the case.

  • When bought from a reliable and known brand, Coir mattress offers a warranty time of 1 to 11 years.
  • Foam mattress from a well-known reputed brand comes with a warranty time of 12 to 15 years with all instructed care and maintenance.


Summarizing the Comparison Between Coir And Foam Mattress:

  1. Coir mattress is made using natural material; on the other hand, a foam mattress is made from synthetic material.
  2. A coir mattress is designed to provide firm comfort to the sleepers. Talking about the foam mattress, it is known to offer soft comfort to sleepers.
  3. Coir mattress offers optimal and firm posture support to the sleeper’s back. It is also suitable for people suffering from dust allergies. However, side sleepers should avoid coir mattresses as they can wake with shoulder and hip pain.
  4. The foam mattress is very popular to offer soft back support and comfort to the sleepers. Moreover, a foam mattress can also be used by the side sleepers as the mattress can easily adjust to the body’s shape.
  5. A coir mattress can sag after few years of use. As compared to this, a foam mattress can last long, offering the same quality of comfort and support.
  6. A coir mattress can make a great choice for the summer season because of cool natural materials. A foam mattress is not suitable for the summer season as it can get hot by retaining the body temperature.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Mattresses:

Which mattress is suitable for the hot summer season?

It is important to sleep on the right mattress to get comfortable sleep during the hot and humid summer season. On comparing both the mattresses (coir and foam mattress), it is recommended to use a coir mattress for the summer season.

Coir mattress is designed with natural fibers and can easily absorb the body’s moisture, making it a cool surface. A coir mattress maintains its natural ventilation and breathability, making it even better for the humid season. On the contrary, a foam mattress can retain the body’s temperature and get hotter during sleep.


Does use a gel base on a memory foam make the mattress cool?

One major problem in memory foam mattress is that it gets hot for some users, especially hot sleepers. It is mainly because the mattress can retain the body temperature and heat during sleep.

As an alternative to this, a gel-based memory foam mattress is quite beneficial. The gel-based top layer makes the mattress temporarily cool than its usual hot surface. However, the users should know that the coolness won’t last long as the body’s heat will again heat the gel, making the mattress hot again.

It can be understood that using a gel-based memory foam mattress is just a temporary solution to balance the hot sleeping surface of the foam mattress.


Should we worry about the initial smell from the memory mattress?

Generally, if you use a memory foam mattress for the first time, you sense an unusual smell from the mattress. The smell is nothing but the smell of the new foam, which only stays for a couple of days.

Moreover, the smell is harmful and does not cause any severe allergies to the users unless you are sensitive to smell. In such a case, you can take some precautionary measures to get rid of the smell as early as possible.


Is it uncomfortable to sleep on a coir mattress?

No, it is not uncomfortable. Even though the mattress is made using natural fibers of coconut, the mattress offers a soothing sleeping surface to the sleepers. The same is because the natural fibers are mixed with a secondary material, usually latex or memory foam, to provide the desired softness.

Thus, with both materials’ balanced combination, a coir mattress makes a suitable sleeping surface for its users. However, as the core material used in the mattress is coir, the mattress is slightly firmer than being soft.



Foam vs coir – as observed, both the mattresses are good with their respective qualities and benefits. Being a user, you should be sure of your body needs, sleeping posture, material type, and budget to make the right decision.

If you would prefer a cost-effective, firm, and eco-friendly mattress, there can be no better match than choosing a coir mattress. On the other hand, if you require a mattress suitable for your back pain problem, then a foam mattress would make the best choice.

We hope this guide will help you through to make the right decision. To conclude, we would say – both the mattresses are good, just choose the one that best suits you and your needs. For any other information, do contact us by writing us in the comment section.

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