(Top 10) Best Glucometer in India 2021

Best Glucometer in India

If you have diabetes, there is an array of benefits you can achieve from using a Glucometer. It is a hand-held device that offers you the facility to check your blood glucose readings whenever you need to. As the technologies have advanced, so have these tiny devices. You will not find Glucometers with high-end smart features with voice command, significant storage, Android connectivity. All at an affordable price.

A Glucometer can save your life! It can cut down the average cost of visiting hospitals and wasting time and energy on laboratories. However, how do you make the right choice for yourself? While choosing a Glucometer for yourself, you need to pay attention to different aspects like test strips, glucometer type, lancets, etc.

Our list of the best Glucometer in India brings you some of our top picks and a ‘buying guide’ that will help you make the right decision.

How to choose the Best Glucometer?

As of now, there are multiple options you have on the market for glucometers. In order to make the best choice, you are supposed to have a firm grip and an understanding of the product itself. We have compiled a couple of factors that you should consider before buying yourself the best Glucometer off the market.


First and foremost, you should be able to travel along with the Glucometer that you buy. This is because it is a device that you will require now and then; therefore, you need to have it by your side all the time. It is also essential to have an appropriate carry bag along with the Glucometer for safe and stress-less storage. This will allow you to have consistent checkups on your blood sugar levels, whenever you need to.


When discussing any medical device, you shouldn’t thoroughly brush off the price aspect of it. Yes, the device needs to be high-quality, but getting a Glucometer without it costing you a fortune is possible. It is also essential to understand that this is a one-time investment, so we must not be too tight with our pockets. Strike a balance between the cost and the quality, and purchase a reliable glucometer for yourself.


It always helps to purchase a glucometer that comes with built-in memory. This means that it will store your checkups’ history and provide you with access for the data whenever required. It can help you have access to your data quickly. Whether you want to share the data with your doctor or run a comparison of your glucose levels, you will not have to go through the hassle of keeping a track on your own.


Some glucometers that you find in the market today have been coded before you begin to use them. Manual coding has been known often to create a misdiagnosis of the current blood sugar level and thereby results in inaccurate treatment or dosage. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, you should opt for glucometers with auto-coding abilities. It helps make your life easy and helps manage your blood sugar levels smoothly.

Time consumption

Many glucometers on the market can offer you a quick result. Therefore, when you’re settling down on a particular product, make sure it is one that can deliver lightning-fast results at all times. You will notice how this aspect helps you save a lot of time and energy gradually. In general, we encourage you to purchase a glucometer that brings you faster and more accurate results, preferably within five seconds.


It is essential to consider the cost of the test strips as well. You will notice that meters on the market vary heavily in pricing, and while we recommend you not go all out on your device, spending a few extra bucks on the right product doesn’t hurt.

Ease of use and maintenance

The meters and strips should be easy to use and maintain. Some meters are more comfortable to use than others. Are both the meter and test strips comfortable and easy to hold? Can you quickly see the numbers on the screen? How easy is it to get blood onto the strips? How big is a drop of blood required?

Special features

Ask about the features to see what meets your specific needs. Special features may include large, easy-to-handle buttons and test strips, illuminated screens, and audio, which may be useful for impaired vision.


Using a glucometer that offers you timely notifications is a must as well. These notifications work as a reminder for you to check your readings consistently every day. Imagine if you miss reading? It could mess up your treatment procedure. When you have the notification feature, you will always be a step ahead in ensuring your proper health.


Warranties are an essential aspect when it comes to medical devices like Glucometers that you invest in once a couple of years. You will find many products on the market today that offer you lifetime warranties and hassle-free after-sales experience. These are the kinds of brands you should have your eye on while looking for a glucometer.

What are the Best Glucometers in India 2021?

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

You will find many vital features in the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter that can make your life easier and hassle-free. One of the most prominent aspects of this device is the multi-coloured display that comes along with it. This display provides you with a better handling experience and lets you manage your condition effortlessly. The functionality offered by the device beats other products on the market.

Right off the bat, the one thing that forces us to believe the product’s reliability is that you can store your results up to 3 months or 90 days. It also provides you with daily reminders to check your blood glucose levels, making sure you never miss reading. It allows you to set post-meal reminders that ensure your readings are always updated.

You only need a couple of seconds to avail of the reading on the machine that you are expecting, and you can also re-test a new blood sample after 10 seconds. You can also rely on the device’s accuracy since it has been tried and tested by thousands of loyal customers.

We believe the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter is among the best glucometers in India as of now as the manufacturer brings you a vast number of in-built security features.

What we like

  • Provides quick results and stores them for 90 days
  • Helps you monitor your glucose levels efficiently
  • Smart in-built features that will ensure your security
  • Tried and tested by thousands of users

Our Concerns

  • Expensive as compared to other products but worth the investment

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

If you’re looking for a Glucometer that is easy to use and comes in a compact size, this OneTouch Select Plus device might fancy you. This device comes with no necessity to code or setup, and you have no confusing buttons to deal with, making it incredibly user-friendly. The product comes with the latest ISO 15197:2013, which ensures you get the right results every time you test.

Using the product is a piece of cake. All you have to do is open up the box and use the glucometer. Even if you aren’t as tech-savvy, you shouldn’t face many difficulties getting the hang of this device. We highly recommend this product to beginners who are still trying to understand the way around the machine. Just take a strip out of the box, put a drop of your blood on it, and let the glucometer do the rest of the job.

It comes with a sound and colour alert system and ensures to alert you with blue colour or fast beep whenever your blood glucose is going low. If they are healthy, you should expect a green colour signal and a single beep. Due to the compact design, it becomes easier for you to travel around with the device wherever you go and never miss reading. Please note that the product requires 1 µL of blood to provide you test results.

What we like

  • Comes with a compact and user-friendly design
  • Does not require manual coding
  • Provides beep and colour alert for high, low, and healthy blood glucose

Our Concerns

  • Does not come with storage or memory

Contour Plus One Blood Glucometer

Contour Plus One Blood Glucometer

One of the more commercialized and popular diabetic kits that you’ll find on the market is the Contour Plus One Blood Glucometer. Anyone who is suffering from diabetes and lives in India will never miss knowing this useful device. We believe that the accessories provided along with the device add to the overall popularity it enjoys so much on the market. Overall, it has the ability to let you manage your blood sugar levels sitting on your couch at home and cuts down on many medical expenses.

Using this device to keep check of your blood glucose levels and achieve the health targets you have set for yourself for the new year. However, please note that a doctor’s proper medical recommendation before getting down to the business is essential. You need to understand which diet plan and workout routine suit your lifestyle the best and then work toward overcoming your diabetes.

It can store up to 800 different tests at any given point of time. All you have to do is spend five minutes of your time to use the Contour Plus One Glucometer, and you’ll be handed your results! As per the experience of many users, the product consistently provides accurate results that you can rely on. Please note that if the first drop of blood isn’t enough for the strip, you can add another drop.

What we like

  • Made with the native metric system
  • Stores a history of at least 800 tests
  • Reminds to check blood sugar with an alarm

Our Concerns

  • The design could use some improvement

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer with Free Test Strips

You should consider buying the Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer if you’re looking to achieve fast and efficient results for your blood sugar levels. This device is known to provide reliable and instant results whenever you want them. Setting the Instant S device is easy as well! However, if you are not a technical person, you may need some time to get its hang. Once you have set up your device and it’s up and running, you will receive all the notifications of your phone’s blood sugar level.

If you ask us, we find the entire process simple and straightforward. You do not require any unique setups to yield better results from this product. When you’re using the Instant S, all you need to do is insert a test strip into the meter and drop a sample of your blood. You will be provided with quick results after that. The product is certified to deliver effectively to its users. Hence, it would help if you didn’t have to give it a second thought before using it.

This device is manufactured as per the German technology standards, which ensures the best and high-quality outcomes whenever you use it. The product is available for purchase almost everywhere commercially. The only downside that we can think of in this product is that it may not fit most buyers’ budgets.

What we like

  • Quick and reliable results
  • Manufactured according to German technology
  • Results can be seen on the phone
  • Can be personalized according to specific requirement

Our Concerns

  • Not exactly budget-friendly

Dr. Trust Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Best Glucometer in India

Dr. Trust is one of the most trusted glucometer brands in the USA. It is an entirely automated blood sugar testing device that comes with a high-quality meter and handy features. As the machine is automatic, it makes the entire testing experience a lot less painful for you.

Similar to other Glucometer devices on the market, this product displays its results within 5 seconds. However, there is one thing that truly sets it apart: it requires almost half of the blood (0.5µl) to monitor your blood glucose. This is why it is way less painful and allows you to take blood samples from several parts of your body like the forearm, upper arm, fingertips, etc.

The latest GDH-FDA strip enzyme technology is used in the meter, which helps provide you with the most accurate readings whenever required. This technology is known to avoid the interferences of blood oxygen, maltose, and even galactose in the blood sample. You will get the entire kit with 60 strips and 60 lancets, which ensures you do not have to make an emergency trip to the pharmacy within a couple of days. The strips should last you for at least two years, and the lancets for five years.

You can use the device in multiple modes, which can depend on the time of the day you have inserted the blood samples. For instance, one of the AC mode methods helps you take the measurements in the morning on an empty stomach. On the other hand, a mode called PC is used after your everyday meals throughout the day. The product also comes with a ketone feature, which indicates you when your ketone levels are imbalanced ( > 13 mol/L).

Other attributes are an LCD screen with a backlight so you can check the readings even in the dark. It also comes with a one-push strip ejection that allows you to maintain a certain hygiene level.

What we like

  • Enough strips and lancets to last you for days
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Does not require manual coding
  • Easy to handle and maintain

Our Concerns

  • Features and settings can be confusing for some customers
  • Expensive as compared to other listings

OneTouch Verio Flex GlucoMeter

OneTouch Verio Flex GlucoMeter

OneTouch realized and targeted one problem in which patients who have been newly diagnosed generally face. They sometimes do not fully understand how to use glucometers and how to decipher their readings. Therefore, it is difficult for them to figure out the next step in their treatment. The OneTouch Verio Flex helps you understand the results as it is easy to use and customized according to your requirement.

Your results can be read easily, with low/in-range/high levels in a preset situation. The product is lightweight, so you can carry it along with you everywhere you go or travel. The meter is almost half of the weight of the brand’s previous Verio meter and Verio IQ. The product comes in a sturdy case, unlike the flimsy ones you would come across otherwise. There are keypress codes listed at the back so you can easily change the meter’s time, date, or manual settings effortlessly.

The product also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which is very simple. It comes with a PIN provided on the screen when you set up a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the meter.

What we like

  • Lightweight and easy to use for beginners
  • Comes in a sturdy and reliable case
  • Easy and quick Bluetooth connectivity with the phone

Our Concerns

  • The product runs on a battery

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

You will love to get regular health alerts using this Glucometer. The product has some fantastic features and functions that provide you with a record of all the accurate values of your previous blood sugar levels. This is why we give Dr. Morepen the second most priority when it comes to the best glucometers in India.

As compared to other glucometers on the market, this one provides you with a sleek and ergonomic design and high-performance. Therefore, it attracts customers a lot. The product comes with automated coding, so you do not have to code it to receive precise results manually. This Mordepen Glucometer probably has more than thousands of reviews online, which state the reliability and trust customers have on their products. It comes with 25 test strips and an LCD, all at a reasonable price.

When you’re testing the device, you need to provide only half of the regular blood sample required in other glucometers. The product also comes with a beeper alert mechanism that informs you whenever there is a drop or rise in your blood sugar levels. It also comes with an in-built memory which helps you store more than 300 previous tests and results, so you can pull them out and compare your progress whenever required.

What we like

  • Only 0.5µl blood required for testing
  • Comes with a warranty of a lifetime
  • Economic buy and ergonomic design
  • Beeper alert system helps you avoid mishaps with your health

Our Concerns

  • We believe the design could be improved
  • More test strips required to avoid trips to the pharmacy now and then

ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Best Glucometer in India

The ContourPlus Glucometer has provided quite a competitive pricing as compared to many other free strip+glucometers. The product comes with additional plus strips, which cost you very little for 50 strips, so you do not run out on them soon enough. Although this brand may not be the first you look out for, it is undoubtedly one that you will switch to for better results and accuracy. Previous customers attest to this fact.

The product does not give inconsistent results and helps you carry forward your fitness plans for the month or year—no changing readings within 30 seconds. The customers have used it for more than ten years, and they seem satisfied with the performance according to their reviews online and otherwise. If you are looking for consistent glucose readings, you should not think twice before getting yourself the ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

Although we do have some suggestions for people who buy the ContourPlus Glucose System, if you start facing any issue with your device, it is advisable to return it and switch to a new one. This is one problem that usually people who buy their first glucometer face.

What we like

  • Good accuracy and reliability
  • Provides your results within seconds
  • Comes with a fair amount of strips

Our Concerns

  • Some customers complain of receiving faulty devices on their first buy


When buying a glucometer, one must understand the importance of accuracy. All of the top listed glucometers compiled in this article will provide you with unbeatable precision and limit your hospital tips now and then. However, if you have been newly diagnosed and budget is not a concern for you, we recommend you go with the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit.

This device comes with easy-to-use features that do not require any practice or guidance. It makes the right balance between ergonomics and functionality and helps you save the majority of your previous results for comparison in the future. It is a useful starter device that you should invest in as a newbie.

Conclusively, although we have tried to curate all the necessary information for you here, please always consult your doctor to understand more about the devices listed above.

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